Single Phase 75kVA Pole Mounted Oil Immersed Power Transformer

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Single-phase Transformer
Frequency Characteristics
Power Frequency
Shape of Core
75kVA Pole Mounted Oil Transformer
Rating Capacity
75kVA Oil Immersed Transformer Pole Mounted
Product Feature
75kVA Pole Mounted Oil Transfomer
Pole Mounted Trasnformer
Coil Meterial
Grey or Optional
Tank Design
Cy Linder Tank Single-Phase Transformer
Wooden Case
Core Design
Wounded Core
Transport Package
Wooden Case
CTOC type tested
Zhejiang China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Single Phase 75kVA Pole Mounted Oil Immersed Power TransformerSingle Phase 75kVA Pole Mounted Oil Immersed Power Transformer
single phase 75kva pole mounted oil immersed power transformer
Product overview

 The Farady overhead transformer may be used alone for the supply of a single phase load or as one of three units in a bank for the supply of a three phase load. The unit may be direct mounted to a wooden or concrete pole, or cluster mounted on a pole for three phase use. Our single phase overhead distribution transformer is commonly used in various places including rural areas, remote regions and scattered villages to provide high quality power supply for daily lighting, agricultural production and industrial plants. Aside from these, it is also suitable for the energy saving projects for railway and urban grid.
++++Standard Features
--All units are built in accordance with both ANSI C57 12.00 and ANSI C57 12.20, except as modified to comply with customer specifications.
  --Mild  steel  tank  with  welded  lifting  lugs  and hanger brackets for direct to pole mounting.
 --Single piece clamped cover band meets cover retention requirements of ANSI standards.
 --Electrostatically applied polyester powder paint system for superior corrosion protection.
 --HV porcelain cover mounted bushings
 --Tank  wall  mounted  porcelain  or  polymer  low voltage bushings.
 --Tin-plated  bronze  terminals  for  connection  to copper or aluminum.
 --Insulated cover for wildlife protection.
 --Laser engraved aluminum nameplate.
 --NON-PCB insulating oil.
 --KVA rating on tank wall.
 --Low voltage ground provisions.
 --Tank ground provisions
--Arrester mounting nuts welded to tank
  --One HV bushings with tank ground strap for  grounded wye applications or two HV bushings for  wye applications
 --Recessed tank bottom
 --Dual High voltage ratings.
 --Drain and sampling valve
 --Connections for groundings.
 --Stencils  and  according  to  customer requirements.
 --External  tank  mounted  high  voltage  lighting arrester.
 --Interlaced  secondary  windings  (through  50 kVA).
 --Stainless steel tank ,cover ,clamping band. 
--Variety  of  features  available  for  wildlife protections.
++++Service condition
a)       Suitable for both indoor or outdoor
b)      Air temperature:Maximum temperature:+40ºC;Minimum temperature:-25 ºC
c)      Humidity:Monthly average humidity 95%;Daily average humidity 90%
d)      Altirude above sea level:Maximum installation altitude:200m.
e)       Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas,vapor etc.
f)       No frequent violent shake

Rated Power  Load losses No-load losses No load current% Impedance% 
S11-30 630 100 2.1 4
S11-50 910 130 2 4
S11-63 1090 150 1.9 4
S11-80 1310 180 1.8 4
S11-100 1580 200 1.6 4
S11-125 1890 240 1.5 4
S11-160 2310 270 1.4 4
S11-200 2730 330 1.3 4
S11-250 3200 400 1.2 4
S11-315 3830 480 1.1 4
S11-400 4520 570 1 4
S11-500 5410 680 1 4
S11-630 6200 810 0.9 4.5
S11-800 7500 980 0.8 4.5
S11-1000 10300 1150 0.7 4.5
S11-1250 12000 1360 0.6 4.5
S11-1600 14500 1640 0.6 4.5

Our Warranty
Extended to 2 years quality warranty after shipment date
Warranty or exchange does not apply under the following circumstances.
1) Damage caused by your failure to operation and maintenance.
2) Damage caused by power fail.
3) Damage caused by the maintenance or dismantle movement of a non-our-company authorized maintainer.
4) Damage caused by Natural disasters and other force majeure reasons such as earthquakes, fires.
Any details you would like to know, please feel free to contact us. We shall be pleased to provide all the information you need asap. 

 Long time shipment & Seaworthy wooden box
Wooden package optional:
1,choose one unit/ wooden box
2,choose 2unit/ wooden box to save cost
Single Phase 75kVA Pole Mounted Oil Immersed Power Transformer
1,Why I buy Farady transformer
After compare quality,delivery and price you will find out answer
2,How is your farady electrical transformer waranty
12+12month after manufacture date,you total got 2 year waranty
3,Is that possible to be one of distributor of Farady Electric in my country
Yes,once you action is fast enough
4,More question......
Feel free to contact you you will get immediately reply

Company Information
We are professional manufacturer of power transformer,electrical transformer,step voltage regulator,oil immersed and cast resin dry type transformer
ISO9001&14001 approval company
Each series transformer we manufacutured was type tested
Professional technical team ensure our product was always advanced amony your competitorSingle Phase 75kVA Pole Mounted Oil Immersed Power Transformer
Founded in 2006, with a registered capital of 10 million USD, Zhejiang Farady Electric enjoys about 10 years experience in distribution transformer manufacture.
Farady is located in Liushi of Yueqing, a costal city, which is often referred as the Electric Products Capital in China. Boardered by the State road, highway, and high-speed railway, close to SHANGHAI/NINGBO/WENZHOU sea ports, and the Yongqiang International airport in Wenzhou, we enjoy a great advantage in transportation which thus can guarantee our clients the fast shipping.

Our main products include: step voltage regulator up to 35kV, conventional and complete self-protection transformer, single phase pad mounted transformer, withstand high overload transformer, capacity-adjustable transformer, amorphous transformer, energy-saving transformer, etc green transformer. All the products of ours have passed the national laboratory type test, which also wins the STATE GRID of China as one of our contractors.
The company is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated facilities, ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environment certification approval.

We also enjoy the Certification of New Hi-tech Enterprises, National Spark Program, and own more than 70 item transformer patents, with which our products are not only popular in the domestic market but also exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and the middle east.

Today, boasting the value of products specialization, brand management, and business globalization, with the sprits of pragmatism, innovation, efficiency, and responsibility, Farady Company is dedicated to become the biggest name in the international business of transformers in China, and contributes its share to the transformation from the Made in China into the Invented in China.

CertificationSingle Phase 75kVA Pole Mounted Oil Immersed Power Transformer

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