High Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start Device

Enhance motor performance with High Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start Device. We are a factory specialized in manufacturing high-quality industrial equipment.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Stainless Steel
Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Shredders, Mixers, Belt
Alternating Current Voltage
Operating Frequency
Control Power Supply
Instantaneous Overvoltage Protection
DV/Dt Absorption Network
Starting Frequency
1-6 Times (Per Hour)
Fault Record
Record The Latest 100 Faults
Transport Package
Wooden Box
3 Years Warranty
HS Code

Product Description


Product Description


KSSHV voltage soft starting can reduce the power grid voltage drop caused by the direct start of the motor. The use of this product does not affect the normal operation of other equipment in the common network, and can reduce the impulse current of the motor, which will cause the local temperature rise of the motor to be too large and reduce the life of the motor. It can reduce the mechanical impact caused by direct starting and accelerate the wear of the transmission machinery. Reduce electromagnetic interference, the impact current will interfere with the normal operation of the electrical instrument in the form of electromag-neticwaves, high voltage soft start can start and stop freely, improve work efficiency.
High voltage soft start devices include KSSHV-6 standard 6kV solid state soft start device, KSSHV 0 standard 10kV solid state soft start device and KSSHV-E series all-in-one high voltage solid state soft start device.
KSSHV high voltage soft start is suitable for starting AC motors with rated voltage 6-10KV. Products are
widely used in large-scale iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, aluminum, fire, mining, sewage treatment,
electric power and other industrial fields, can be well used with motor drive equipment. Such as: pumps,
fans, compressors, shredders, mixers, belt machines and other mechanical and electrical equipment.

High Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start DeviceHigh Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start Device

Product Parameters


Basic parameter
Type of load
Three-phase high voltage squirrel cage induction motor, synchronous motor
Alternating current voltage
Operating frequency
Phase sequence
KSSHV allows operation in any phase sequence (configurable by parameter)
Bypass contactor
Contactor with direct starting capacity
Control power supply
Instantaneous overvoltage protection
dv/dt absorption network
Starting frequency
1-6 times (per hour)
Environmental condition
Ambient temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Relative humidity: 5%---95% no condensation
Altitude is less than 1500 meters (more than 1500 meters need to drop capacity)
Operating interface
Chinese and English
Data recording
Fault record
Record the latest 100 faults
Protection function
Phase loss protection
Disconnect any phase of the main power supply during startup or operation
Run overcurrent protection
Overcurrent protection setting: 100 ~ 500%
Phase current unbalance protection
Phase current imbalance protection: 20-100%
Overload protection
Overload protection levels: 10A, 10, 20, 30
Underload protection
Underload protection level: 50 to 100%
Underload protection operation time: 0-10S
Starting timeout
Starting time limit: 10-120S
Overvoltage protection
Overvoltage protection when the main supply voltage is higher than 120% of the rated value
Undervoltage protection
Undervoltage protection when the main supply voltage is less than 70% of the rated value
Phase sequence protection
Allows operation in any phase sequence (can be set by parameters)
Ground protection
Protection when the ground current is greater than the set value
Communication specification
Communication protocol/interface
Modbus RTU
Network connection
Each KSSHV can communicate with 32 KSSHV devices
Through the communication interface can observe the running state, programming
Instrument display
Main supply voltage
Displays the three-phase main power supply voltage
Three-phase current
Displays three-phase main circuit current

Product Features


The switch cabinet, soft starting cabinet, bypass cabinet three-in-one integrated design, small size, easy to install;

Standard configuration includes vacuum circuit breaker and bypass vacuum contactor, no need to prepare operating cabinet or switch cabinet, high design costs will never return;

Small size, the volume of the same power is 50% to 60% of other methods of soft starting, easy installation, space saving;

The cabinet is made of imported negative aluminum zinc plate, processed by CNC machine tool, completely metal armored, assembled structure, wide combination scheme, advanced multiple flanging process, with rivet nut bolt connection, and high precision, corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, and strong parts versatility;

Can be equipped with domestic ZN63A-12(VSI) series or imported VD4 series vacuum circuit breaker, wide applicability, high reliability, to achieve maintenance free;

All kinds of handcarts change according to modular building blocks, to ensure that the same specifications of the car can be freely interchangeable, different specifications can not enter;

Highly reliable interlocking device, fully meet the "five prevention" requirements;

Suitable for installation anywhere, with no distance requirement from other equipment layout;

Pressure relief channels are provided in each high pressure chamber to ensure personal safety;

The circuit breaker room and cable room can be equipped with heaters respectively to prevent condensation and corrosion;

The face door is equipped with an observation window to observe the working state of indoor components;

Protection level :IP40.



High Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start Device High Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start Device High Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start Device

Company Profile

High Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start DeviceHigh Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start Device
High Voltage 6-10kvac Motor Magnetic Starter Soft Start Device

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