Three Phase Gmw-9MB, 12MB, 18MB, 22MB, 32MB Magnetic Starter

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Model Number
Gmw-9, 12, 18, 22, 32MB
Electromagnetic Relay
High Power Relay
Transport Package
Standard Export Package
kasan, OEM
Zhejiang China
Production Capacity

Product Description

Three Phase GMW-9MB, 12MB, 18MB, 22MB, 32MB Electric Magnetic Starter

LE1-D Magnetic Starter

LE1-D magnetic starter is mainly applied to circuit of AC 50 or 60Hz, voltage up to 550V for far distance making and breaking circuit and frequently starting and controlling motor. It has the features of small volume, light weight, safe and reliable performance etc.

General Description:

LE1-D series magnetic motor starter are suitable for 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage up to 660V, current up to 95A circuit. In order to protect motor starting, accelerating the motor to rated rev, against overload operation and artificially breaking the circuit of protected motor.

Structure Feature:

1. Sealed: Plastic box LE1-D09~D32 and iron box platstic coated LE1-D40~D95, protection up to IP65;

2. Operation system with manual "START" and "STOP" buttons. With thermal overload relay consisting a inversable starter;

3. Install different accessories derive many kinds of other products;

4. Select LC1-D contactor with standard 35mm rail, which can be fixed directly at the base of starter. Wires extracted from the three phase of the thermal overload relay can be inserted the three phase main contacts of the contactor, easy assembly and connection.
Type Selected AC Contactor Selected Thermal Overload Relay Rated Power KW/HP( AC-3 )IEC60947-4-1 GB14048.4 Rated Current A(AC-3) IEC60947-4-1 GB14048.4 Rated Heating Current Ith:(A) Rated Insulated Voltage Ui:(V) Auxiliary Contact AC-15 Electrical/Mechanic Life (Million Times)  
Contact Arrangement Rated Current (A)(AC-3) IEC60947-4-1 GB14048.4 Rated Heating Current Ith:(A)  
200-220V 380-
200-220V 380-440V Standard Special 200-220V 380-440V  
KGMW-9P KGMW-9 KGMW-22 2.5/3.5 4/5.5 11 9 20 660 1NO+1NC / 1.6 0.95 16 1/5  
KGMW-12P KGMW-12 KGMW-22 3.5/4.7 5.5/7.5 13 12 20 660 1NO+1NC / 1.6 0.95 16 1/5  
KGMW-18P KGMW-18 KGMW-22 4.5/6 7.5/10 18 18 25 660 1NO+1NC / 1.6 0.95 16 1/5  
KGMW-22P KGMW-22 KGMW-22 5.5/7.5 11/15 22 22 32 660 1NO+1NC / 1.6 0.95 16 1/5  
KGMW-32P KGMW-32 KGMW-40 7.5/10 15/20 32 32 45 660 2NO+2NC / 1.6 0.95 16 1/5  
KGMW-40P KGMW-40 KGMW-40 11/15 18.5/25 40 40 50   2NO+2NC / 1.6 0.95 16
Three Phase Gmw-9MB, 12MB, 18MB, 22MB, 32MB Magnetic Starter

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