Zw20 Outdoor Sf6 High Voltage Vacuum Electrical Electric Air Circuit Breakers Interrupter

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Zw20-12F series outdoor high-voltage AC boundary vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as "boundary circuit breaker") is an outdoor high-voltage switch with three-phase AC 50Hz and a rated voltage of 12kV. It is mainly composed of a vacuum circuit breaker body, distribution automation feeder terminal, voltage transformer, control cable, etc. The circuit breaker body is equipped with a vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, a current transformer, a zero-sequence current transformer, and other components.

The boundary breaker has a remote management mode, and the protection control function and communication function can be reliably judged. The detection boundary is used for control and protection in substations, industrial and mining enterprises, and urban and rural power grids. It is especially suitable for places requiring frequent operation and urban milliampere zero sequence current and interphase fault short circuit current, so as to automatically remove single-phase ground fault and interphase short circuit fault.

The boundary breaker adopts a vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas-insulated box, which adopts foreign advanced gas sealing and is explosion-proof. The overall sealing performance of insulation structure technology is excellent. Its spring operating mechanism adopts a miniaturized design, which has excellent performance and is far more reliable than the domestic traditional spring operating mechanism.

The boundary breaker shall comply with the technical standards such as High Voltage AC Circuit Breaker (GB/T1984214), High Voltage Clearing Circuit Breaker (DL/T402-2016), Technical Conditions for Ordering 12kV 40.5kV High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker (DL/T403-2000) and Remote Terminal of Distribution Automation System (DL/T721-2013).

Model And Meaning

Zw20 Outdoor Sf6 High Voltage Vacuum Electrical Electric Air Circuit Breakers Interrupter
 Technical specification
Technical specification
No. Item Unit Data
1 Rated frequency Hz 50
2 Rated voltage kV 12
3 Rated current A 630 1250
4 Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage Interphase, to earth(wet) kV/min 34/1
Interphase, to earth(dry) 42/1
Break(dry) 48/1
Secondary circuit to earth 2/1
5 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage Interphase, to earth kV 75
Break 85
6 Rated short-circuit breaking current(virtual value) kA 20 25
7 Rated short-circuit making a current(peak) 50 63
8 Rated short-time withstand current and duration kA/s 20/4 25/4
9 Rated peak withstand current kA 50 63
10 Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking times Times 30(E2)
11 SF6 gas-rated gage pressure MPa 0
12 Main circuit resistance μΩ ≤120
13 Rated operating voltage and rated voltage of the auxiliary circuit V AC/DC220,DC48,DC24
14 Mechanical life Times 10000(M2)
Note: If the altitude is over 1000m, the rated insulation level should be modified as appropriate.

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